Kyleena has a lower side effect profile than Mirena

Kyleena and Mirena, both devices are effective birth control methods

Kyleena is a contraceptive implant which is placed inside womb

Kyleena has a few side effects, most common of which is irregular bleeding

Mirena is a birth control method that uses a hormonal implant

Kyleena is a contraceptive implant which is made of silicone

Mirena is a highly effective contraceptive device which is implanted

Kyleena vs Mirena

Mirena also used in the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding in women

Mirena has two parts; one part is the copper coil and the other is the silicon capsule

Most commonly used Mirena is the IUD. This is a small, flexible, round device that is placed  inside

Contraception is a very important topic, and one that deserves careful consideration.

Mirena is a contraceptive implant that lasts for up to three years

Always take clinical advice and chose best option