Difference between Management and Leadership

Difference Between Management and Leadership : If you are working with a team, it would be worthwhile to know the differences between management and leadership.

These two skills should go hand in hand when handling a team. Most people often mistake them to mean the same thing.

However, management and leadership are actually two opposing terms.

What is Management

The management works for a short-term objective. To achieve a short-term objective, a manager’s team labors within a specified time.

They are usually promised a reward, whether in kind or monetary, to keep them motivated to do the task.

Management walks over a smooth path. A good manager gains the respect of his subordinates through the formal authority vested upon him.

This manager is also a subordinate himself to someone from a higher rank. This is why the manager’s team functions along an already established line of rules and procedures.

With management, you are working through the constraints of time and money.

You do not entertain challenges or changes as they will only cause delay on your part.

A manager never loses focus on his short-term objective.

A manager mainly uses his brain in dealing with his subordinates.

Good management makes use of the manager’s intellect to go over the details and plan proven and tested strategies to complete the task at hand.

Difference Between Management and Leadership
Difference Between Management and Leadership

What is Leadership

leadership focuses on a long-term vision. In attaining a long-term vision, material reward is not really necessary.

A leader’s team gives effort because they are emotionally motivated to do so. They are not being pressured by anything.

Instead, they are given an allowance to grow uniquely in their own way.

In contrast, the path with leadership is often rough.

On the other hand, a good leader earns the trust of his followers through his own personal charm and tenacity. He is not working for someone above his authority.

He is his own boss. In this regard, a leader’s team has the freedom and flexibility to entertain challenges or changes.

They are not limited by time or money. They are free to explore and grow further as a team. They see risks as new avenues for development.

And using their own improved skills, they work together in attaining that long-term vision no matter how challenging the path may seem.

A leader uses his heart when interacting with his followers.

Good leadership works with a passion and resolve towards an ideal cause despite any challenge.

Difference Between Management and Leadership

There is a significant difference between management and leadership. But they all sum up to how a good manager or a good leader induces people to follow the same path as them.

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