Difference between Laptop and Notebook

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Difference between Laptop and Notebook : Confused as to what portable gadget to buy for yourself?

Do you want to go for a laptop but curious that a notebook might suit you better? What is the difference between a laptop and a notebook?

What is Laptop

A laptop is a mobile computing device that usually weighs from 3 to 18 pounds, has a screen size ranging from 10 to 20 inches wide, and basically functions the same as a desktop computer.

A laptop was manufactured for the purpose of making a mobile alternative to the good old desktop computer.

Given that fact, it has all the hardware components of the desktop. These hardware components were made to appear flatter and slimmer so as to fit with the design of the new portable device.

A laptop was intended to suit the busy lifestyles of professionals and other individuals who are always on the road for work or business.

As time and technology progressed, more laptops have become in demand for leisure and entertainment purposes.

This has led to the introduction of newer kinds of portable devices which are more compact, more efficient, and more user-friendly. One of these newer devices is the notebook.

Difference between Laptop and Notebook

What is Notebook

Meanwhile, a notebook is another mobile computing device but one that is generally lightweight (weighing only between 5 to 6 pounds).

It has the essential functionalities of a laptop minus the presence of a few hardwares or components, so a notebook is unable to handle a lot of attributes and added twists that a laptop is usually capable of.

Also, a notebook, in its physical appearance, looks like a small version of a laptop and is just about the size of an actual notebook.

A notebook is designed to have the basic necessities one can find in a laptop but is intended more for personal use rather than business use.

And since it is meant for personal use, it was purposefully made to be lightweight for easier mobility and carriage comfort during travels.

Being typically lightweight, it lacks most of the added hardware perks and peripheral-handling capabilities of a laptop.

Difference between Laptop and Notebook

The difference between a laptop and a notebook mainly lies on their physical and functional aspects.

If you have to consider the respective ideal usage between these two common portable devices to see which of them would best suit you, you will need to refer as well to your own lifestyle.

If you are the busy professional whose job generally involves using a computer with all those necessary documents and additional softwares for work tools, you will have to go for a laptop.

Meanwhile, if you simply want something for basic personal entertainment and leisure, and one that you can bring along anywhere to accompany you when things get boring, you can go for a notebook

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